Hey, I'm Maeve.

I'm a London-based senior product designer and web developer with a interest in all things AI, web3, financial services and healthcare.

UX research
Coded protoyping
User testing
UX research
User testing
Design systems
Responsive design

From complexity to simplicity

Transitioning into a more tangible phase, I begin creating wireframes, honing designs, and developing prototypes. Every step I take throughout this journey is infused with a commitment to aligning the design intimately with user needs and business objectives, creating a functional and emotional user experience that is useful, usable, and delightful.

  • Exploring innovative solutions and sketch ideas.
  • Designing user flows based on user personas and CJMs.
  • Wireframe, design and prototype.
  • UI designs that ensure strong usability metrics.

Examining data and
empathising with the user

My research process dives deep into understanding user behaviours, needs, motivations, and limitations. During the initial discovery phase, I gather all the existing information about the business goals and vision, and review the current status of the product(s) from both a business and user-centered perspective. Using UX research methodology like user interviews, questionnaires, usability testing, competitive analysis, etc allows me to collect more valuable data.

  • Identifying and understanding business goals.
  • Performing UX Audit and collection usage data and analytics.
  • Understanding user behaviour, needs and pain points.
  • Data analysis and extraction of actionable insights.

Finding where business goals
and user needs align

Research tells us what and why. Strategy gives us the how. Through a collaborative process, my focus is on where business goals and user needs intersect. Conducting brainstorming sessions, personas, and user flow workshops, I lead UX strategy and implementation to ensure the end result balances user delight with functional utility, ensuring the user experience merges with the strategic goals of the business.

  • Deep collaboration with stakeholders, product leaders and team.
  • Analyze data, user feedback, pain points, wants and needs.
  • Defining user personas and use cases.
  • User personas journey mapping.

Design to code

My design process involves collaborating closely with developers and leveraging Webflow to create high-fidelity prototypes and full websites. This approach ensures that my designs are user-centered and aligned with business objectives.

  • Developer Collaboration: Use tools like Zeplin for design handoff and maintain continuous communication with developers.
  • Webflow Prototyping: Create interactive, high-fidelity prototypes using Webflow’s visual editor and interactions.
  • Webflow Development: Build responsive, fully functional websites using Webflow’s CMS and custom code capabilities.

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