Here you'll find my online CV. I have experience in financial services, health tech, energy services, and e-commerce.

About me

Hey, I'm Maeve, an adventurous and innovative product designer with a flair for crafting exceptional user experiences. ✨

From crafting financial services to revolutionizing healthcare, I've dipped my toes into designing experiences that make a real difference. I'm also drawn to the cutting-edge world of web 3 and innovative markets, where possibilities are limitless and boundaries are meant to be pushed. 🌐💡

My journey began with a Law degree from University College London (UCL), which armed me with a formidable arsenal of skills. Think analytical thinking, research expertise, time management wizardry, and the gift of captivating presentations. 🎓🤓

Post-graduation, I found myself navigating the realms of digital marketing and graphic design, then stumbling upon UX design when the universe clicked into place. It allowed me to merge my fascination with psychology, knack for research, and flair for digital design—a true convergence of passions. 🌟

Since that fateful discovery, I've poured my heart and soul into honing my craft as a product designer. Working alongside heavyweights like BP, Lloyds Banking Group, and Mastercard, I've taken charge of projects, collaborating with exceptional design professionals who specialize in content and service design. 🚀

In both design and life, my modus operandi is unwavering: unraveling the "why" behind every decision. I'm fueled by a relentless passion to create products that are meaningful, user-centric, and inclusive—ones that truly strike a chord with people and leave an indelible mark. 🎯

Ready to embark on an adventure in design with me? Let's connect. I'm always up for engaging discussions and exciting collaborations. ✨✉️


2020 / Present

Product Designer

I work on various digital projects ranging from finance to health. My responsibilities include discovery, research, wire-framing, prototyping and more.

2022 / Present

Interaction Designer

I work within a cross-disciplinary team to improve access to digital health care services within the NHS app by improving the design of the overall flow and at the level of individual design elements.

Mastercard | SPARCK
2021 / 2022

Lead product designer

I collaborated closely with stakeholders and developers on the design of a financial management platform - balancing user needs, business requirements and technical constraints.

2018 / 2020

Digital designer

I carried out the UX/ UI design of product and web pages and improved customer conversion and designed informative content to help doctors transition from in-person to video consultations during the COVID-19 crisis.


UI/UX Design

Design sprints, user journeys, user personas, low and high-fi wireframes, prototypes, design systems, design presentations & workshops.

User Research

User interviews, stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, online research, surveys, usability testing.


Creating bespoke websites for clients and clickable prototypes. From Figma to Webflow.

Web 3.0

UX/UI design of web 3.0 products including ethereum-powered tools and services.